Tuesday, November 15, 2016


1.  End sanctuary policy  for
illegal aliens, including those
who have overstayed visas.

a) Require all of the above to 
register with  City/Town governments

b) City/town/county law enforcement
shall cooperate with  ICE to uphold
our current Immigration Law.

c) Albany County/City shall review
voter rolls to verify that only citizens
are on those rolls and to determine
that college/university students are
not registered and voting locally
and at another home address.

d) Enact local laws requiring voter
ID's issued only to citizens for local
and school elections, budget votes and

e) Review all social services rolls programs
and school enrollments to identify non citizens
who may be receiving benefits.

f) Require all not for profit entities to
maintain public records of any non citizens
who are assisted by those not for profits. 

These measures will promote public
safety, help provide needed property tax
relief, assure the integrity of elections and
uphold the Rule of Law.

                                         Joe Sullivan

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