Friday, September 22, 2017



                          Joseph P Sullivan 
                   For Albany Mayor
                   Conservative  Row C
                   November 7  6 AM-9 PM

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


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                   Joseph P Sullivan
                   ALBANY MAYOR
                   Conservative  Row C 
                   November 7  6 AM-9 PM

Monday, September 18, 2017


Nijmegan, Netherlands   oldest city in the
Netherlands and sister City to Albany
was nearly destroyed by bombs in WWII.

Albany 403 years old and is in the process
of being destroyed by self induced blight
and destruction of the few prime single
family residential zoned neighborhoods
by a new zoning code called Rezone Albany.

If the Dutch were in charge here,  Albany
would be a shining, clean city and the Hudson
River would not be polluted by tens of
thousands of sewage  dumped by the City of
Albany. The surrounding countryside would 
a neat vegetable/dairy garden.

If Mayor Sheehan were Mayor of Nijmegen
it would be under the sea.



Albany needs more Dutch immigrants
rather than an influx of more poor
unskilled, uneducated, non- English speaking
third world refugees and illegal aliens.

                                    Joe Sullivan




The Times Union reports that the City
of Albany may sell the 353 acres that
the Jennings administration purchased
with 5.2 million dollars of City property
taxpayer money as a future landfill site
for a fraction of what City taxpayers
paid for the site. This is a smart move?

Obviously a desperate move by the 
Albany Mayor and candidate for
reelection  in the November 7 election
to achieve a balanced 2018 budget for
presentation to the Common Council
by October 1.

The Common Council, which includes
a number of lame duck members as
well as many returning rubber stamp
members, as a result of the September
12 Democratic Primary, must vote to
approve that budget by the end of 

Mayor Sheehan has appointed Sue
Rizzo, who won the September 12
primary for City Auditor, to fill the
current vacancy in that office.

Can Sue Rizzo conduct an unbiased
audit of this proposed move by Mayor
and candidate for reelection Sheehan
and present it before the Common
Council must vote on the Mayor's
2018 City Budget proposal?

The answer is YES.  Sue Rizzo has
a real estate background and was
top vote recipient in the September 12
primary, out polling Mayor Sheehan
by a thousand votes. Sue Rizzo has
no November 7 election opponent
therefore she is City Auditor elect
whereas Mayor Sheehan must win
a contested November 7 election in
order to continue on as Mayor. For
the next four years? In addition,
the City Charter provides that the
City Auditor is accountable to the
voters of the City of Albany. NOT
the Mayor.

The adverse impact of Rezone
Albany on neighborhood residential
integrity, quality of life, home values
the City property tax base in the
prime single family zoned residential
neighborhoods which pay the lion's 
share of property taxes that support
City schools/City government services
is the subject of another audit by the
City Auditor before Albany becomes
Detroit on the Hudson as homeowners
in the prime single family residential
neighborhoods flee the City.

Who, then will support City schools
and City services?

City Auditor Rizzo can, ... conducting
and presenting the above audits prior
to the November 7 election save the
City of Albany.   Yes, she can.

                              Joseph P Sullivan
                              For Albany Mayor
                              Conservative  Row C
                              November 7, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017


                   Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


As Mayor I will:

1. Issue an Executive Order Declaring
    that the City of Albany is NOT a
    Sanctuary City and directing the
    Albany Police to cooperate with ICE
 in enforcing U S Immigration Laws.

    This will make Albany a safer place
    and prevent loss of more than 7 million
    dollars in annual federal aid to the City
    of Albany. 

2.  Call on Governor Cuomo to have NYS
     make 15 million dollar annual PILOT
     payments to the City of Albany for the
     Harriman State Office Campus.

     NYS pays a similar PILOT to the City
     for the Empire State Plaza. It is only
     just that the State do the same for the
     Harriman Office Campus.

     Governor Cuomo may not love Mayor
     Sheehan and City Treasurer Shahinfar
     because they backed his primary foe
     Teachout in the last gubernatorial race.

     But, Governor Cuomo loves Albany and
     will do what is just and proper for the
     people and City of Albany. 

     They will show their gratitude next year.

So,  7 million and 15 million adds up to
22 million dollars and restoration of fiscal
solvency for the City of Albany.

However, the City of Albany must reign in
spending , repeal and/or amend the Rezone
Albany provisions relating to  promoting 
mixed use in the prime single family zoned
residential neighborhoods of  wards 4, 7, 8
9,12,13,14 and 15 which pay the lions share
of property taxes that support City schools
and City government services.

The new definition of Religious Institutions 
must be repealed with Houses of Worship
restored as the only other use, beside single
family dwellings, permitted in these single 
family zoned neighborhoods,  along with
the few other permitted uses as allowed in
the former City Zoning Code.

Listen to today's Focus on State Capitol
podcast Fred Dicker interview with
Westchester County Executive Astorino
re: HUD settlement relating to zoning
and social engineering of neighborhoods.
Same as what Sheehan Administration
and Rezone Albany is about.

The City Charter should be amended to
abolish the Office of City Auditor and to
make the City  Assessor an elected office
as it was in the O'Connell era.

The State Comptroller should continue
to provide audits of City government and
the City schools.

City schools should be consolidated with
City government, with one tax roll to
finance both, return to a k-8 neighborhood
school system and making the Mayor of
Albany responsible/accountable for the
operation/performance of City schools.

This question should be  appear as a ballot
proposition to be voted upon by city voters.

Mixed use development and/or sale of the
City golf course is opposed because this
is a multi use open space that includes
golf, winter skiing. sledding, walking
and a place for people and their dogs to
enjoy space to exercise with magnificent
views of the Catskills and Helderberg.

In short the City golf course is an asset
for all city residents and contributes to
the quality of life, home values and city 
tax base of the surrounding single family 
zoned neighborhoods
                                     Joe Sullivan
                                     for Albany Mayor
                                     Row C November 7

The Sheehan administration is
promoting a pay as you throw
trash fee for City residents.

Meanwhile, huge sewage spills
from the City of Albany are
polluting the Hudson River.

Is  the remedy to be found in
separating sewage from storm
water lines? Or in upgrading the
City sewage treatment plant?
Or both?

In any case, these remedies will
cost lots of money.

What about a pay as you go
solution to finance these upgrades?

City homeowners already pay as
they go. They pay quarterly water/
sewer rates (taxes). For every dollar
of water usage, homeowners pay a
corresponding dollar in sewers fees.
Even if most of the water consumed
is used for watering their lawns and
washing their cars.

Are schools, colleges, universities
hospitals, state-federal office buildings
religious institutions, apartment
buildings, hotels/motels, restaurants
and public housing complexes paying
the same dollar for dollar water-
sewer  fees?

What about the daily surge of  
commuters who come to the City of
Albany daily to work...and to go?

If not, why not?  A full disclosure
audit is in order.  A job for the State
Comptroller's Office.

Treated waste water could be used
in hydro-fracking for natural gas in
the Southern Tier, instead of dumping
it in the Hudson.

Clean natural gas can spur economic
development in Albany and elsewhere
Upstate. Clean energy translating to
needed jobs, as well as contributing
revenues for upgrading  aged urban
water-sewer systems.

Time for politicians at the state and
local levels to get their heads out of
the toilets and take action to upgrade
water-sewer systems in Albany and
along the Hudson-Mohawk-Erie Canal
urban axis.

                                    Joe Sullivan