Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Governor Cuomo has sponsored
a consolidation contest aimed at
reducing property taxes.




Here is a consolidation proposal
that would produce property tax
relief in the City of Albany.

Consolidate the city schools with
City government. Establish one
property tax role to fund both.

Return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system, which is best for
students, parents, teachers and

Make the Mayor and common
Council Members responsible and
accountable for the operation and
performance of city schools.

Abolish the school board and trim
the number of highly paid admin-
istrators. Vest more authority and
power for, individual school operation
and performance, in teachers.

Abolish the federal Education Department.
End unfunded State mandates.

Amend State Law to provide that school
budget votes and other referenda relating
to schools/education be held at annual
November elections conducted under
the auspices of the Albany County Board
of Elections. 

The Common Council should adopt 
the necessary Home Rule Request to
the State Legislature and enlist the
support and cooperation of Legislators
who represent the city of Albany  in the
State Senate and assembly.

Present this proposal for consideration
and discussion at the November 18, 2016
meeting to be a pilot initiative pertaining
at first, only to the City of Albany where
property tax relief is a priority because
of the large amount of state and not for
profit tax exempt lands; and because of
the 12 million dollar hole in the 2017 City

                                     Joe Sullivan


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