Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Things best not said if you are
a candidate seeking  New York
Conservative Party endorsement
and votes of enrolled  Albany
City Conservatives-

For Governor -  "don't allow
third party candidates to be
in any debates/forums"

Voters have the right to hear
from every candidate who qualifies
for the ballot.

For Lt Governor " I am pro-choice"

Abortion is a national disgrace.
Disrespect for Life is the root
cause of violence and a host of
societal problems.

For Attorney General
" I support the Dream Act.
   We are a nation of immigrants"

We are a nation of  legal immigrants !

Illegal aliens are law breakers who
have invaded our nation. They deserve
no benefits of any kind, educational
driver's licenses, welfare, jobs or
voting in our local, state, national

American citizens and legal immigrants
who seek to respect our borders
language and culture deserve the
full protection of our laws.

These paraphrased statements of
would be GOP candidates can be
documented by listening to
pod casts of the Fred Dicker
Show, Talk 1300 AM Radio for
April and May 2014.

Hear something? Say Something!

                      Joe Sullivan

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