Friday, May 9, 2014


Ordinary people want to live
their lives in peace and freedom.

What is playing out in the
Ukraine, the USA and the
world at large, today, is an
all out effort to control minds
behaviors, lands and economies
by leftist, politically correct
"progressives", tin horn
dictators and Islamists. 

The main stream media is
complicit in this effort.

This is the Last Crusade.
Islamists are positioning
themselves to finally achieve
their aim of a world wide
Islamic caliphate.

They have invaded every
Western land, through
legal and illegal immigration,

They are utilizing the laws
and institutions of the Western
world to further their ultimate

The Islamists have been
at it for centuries. Now, they
are closer than ever to their

Political "progressives"
and tin horn dictators are
the immediate enemies of
the people.

The Obama administration
is exhibit A  for all that is
wrong with government.
New York State too.

Only voters can save America
New York and themselves.

 Islam is a patient foe and
the long term beneficiary
of all the harm being done
by incompetent "progressives"
within nations, a throughout
the world.

What will it take for the
American people to come to
their senses, toss out the
progressives a the federal, state
and local levels, and restore
America to it's former greatness
as a Constitutional Republic
under God?

The 2014 and 2016 elections
will tell the tale.

                        Joe Sullivan

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