Wednesday, July 19, 2017


What if the Mayor and other candidates
contributed what they spend on campaigns
toward closing the City budget gap? 

City property tax payers should demand
that the Mayor produce a balanced 2018
City budget before the September 12
Democratic Primary.

October 1 is when the Mayor submits her
2018 budget to the Common Council.
Last year the Council approved a 2017
City budget with 12.5 million dollar gap.

City property tax payers deserve to know
the details of the 2018 City budget BEFORE
the September 12 Democratic primary.

Voter remorse will result if  home owners
and businesses discover that a hefty property
tax will be announced AFTER the primary 
if they vote to return the incumbent Mayor
Treasurer and Common Council to office
but, by then, it may be too late. 

Show us your balanced budget with no
property tax increases now, Mayor Sheehan.

                                    Joe Sullivan
                                    For Albany Mayor
                                    Row C  November 7


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