Saturday, March 25, 2017


Obamacare was designed and enacted
by the Democrats  to self destruct so
that they could move to a single payor
government run program.

Democrats did not expect Trump to

They and their media allies are doing
all they can to undermine President
Trump at every turn.

The burden to return health insurance
to the private sector rests with Democrats.

Democrats own Obamacare and will
suffer the consequences in the 2018
Mid Term elections for U S Senate
and House.

Time for Democrats in the  Senate
and House to put Americans and
America First before blind allegiance
to far left ideologues who have gained
control of a once proud American
political party.

Time for enrolled Democrats to
"throw the bums out" and restore
their party to a truly American
political party or else the Democratic
Party will be reduced to a minor extremist 
political party.

                            Joe Sullivan

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