Friday, March 10, 2017


The GOP Repeal-Replace
bill. Read the bill and
criticisms in yesterday's
post, this blog.

Going nowhere fast.  Why?

Democrats and some 
Republicans combined are
obstructing real repeal.

The Democrats own Obamacare.
They enacted it without a
single GOP vote.

Nancy Pelosi  said Congress
had to pass the huge complex
Obamacare legislation to find
out what was in it. Now we know.

Obamacare is imploding.
Let it!

In the alternative do this:



Those 25 or so Democratic 
Senators up for election in
2017 will have to answer to
the people.

President Trump should
shift focus to rapid military
buildup, securing the border
enforcing existing immigration
law and stimulating the economy
through corporate and personal
tax cuts.

Security and a strong economy
go hand in hand.

Reduce the size of the federal
government from within,
reduce funding of programs 
and eliminate 
burdensome regulations that
hinder economic development.

To do this requires cleaning
house and staffing federal
agencies with  like minded
executives and staff.

No new debt caused by a huge
infrastructure spending plan.
Let the states find ways to
finance infrastructure, medicaid
welfare, education and their
rotting cities.

See how long sanctuary cities
will last.

Take an end run around
the Democratic and GOP
insiders who are obstructing
your delivering on election
promises made to the people.

Take your case to the people.
They get it!

                    Joe Sullivan


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