Tuesday, February 7, 2017


As a property tax payer
in the City of Albany it
is difficult to feel valued
and loved.

Read: the City School
District website:


The Acting Superintendent's
letter did little to reassure me.

1,700 school district employees
17 schools, 9, 600 hundred
students, 57 languages spoken
by students, a translation link
for those who cannot read

An office of ENL and Refugee
services, welcoming immigrants
and refugees?

There is no need  to keep the
current Superintendent acting
while scouring the nation for
a candidate, forcing her to pander
to the ideologically far left school

Kimberly Wilkins is qualified.
Search no further. Appoint her!

Was it in the best interests of
Albany students, parents and
property taxpayers for the leftist
school board to oppose President
Trumps's nominee for Education
Secretary, when the Albany City
schools depend so heavily on
federal funding?


How smart was that?

What kind of civics example does
the school board set for students
by holding bond act and building
referenda  at obscure times with
reduced numbers of polling places
and voting irregularities?

Remember the 196 million dollar
high school reconstruction bond act?

The recent January 10 referenda
on a 4th middle school?

All school district budget votes
and referenda should be held at
General Elections run by the
Albany County Board of Elections.

The City Schools  should be
consolidated with city government
with one property tax roll to fund
both. Albany should return to a
K-8 neighborhood school system.
The Mayor and City Common 
Council should be held responsible
and accountable for the operation
and performance of city schools.
Index the school tax portion to
the graduation rate.  Abolish the
school board.

Put this on the November 2017
General Election ballot and let
city voters cast their votes for or

Property tax relief and improved
graduation rates would follow
voter approval.

                                Joe Sullivan

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