Thursday, February 23, 2017


Back the opponent of the incumbent
Governor in 2014 Democratic Primary.
He wins. Now expect him
(and state taxpayers) 
to bail you out of a 12.5 million+ 2017
City budget hole resulting from your
failed policies, priorities and excessive

Yes, NYS should make annual payments
in lieu of taxes for all land in the City of
Albany used by NYS.

It has been said that God helps those
who help themselves.

What can you do?   Resign from office.
Or make drastic course corrections in
your behavior, policies, priorities and

1. Declare Albany is not a sanctuary city
    and that you will cooperate with and
    support existing federal immigration

2. Albany has a high poverty rate among
    citizens. It is folly to welcome more
    people to the city, and county, particularly
    unskilled, non English speaking illegals
    and "refugees" who do not share  our
    culture, love for America and political

    They wind up on welfare and become
     a burden to local property taxpayers
     who have learned that the city schools
     will need another half million dollar
     budget increase, ( and how many million
     more every year, thereafter?) to provide
     a school and staff especially for catering
     to the non English speakers.

     Remember the January 10 2017 school
     propositions that were approved \
     by a vote of 2,000 (your supporters)
     to 600?

     You told us that approval would not
     result in any increase in property taxes.

  3. Consolidate city schools with city
      government. One property tax, not
      two, to fund both. Assume responsibility
      for the operation and performance of
      city schools.  Index the property tax
      rate to the graduation rate. Return to
      a K-8 neighborhood city school system.

 4.  Do not extend the recently enacted
      city trash tax to single family homeowners.

5.    Scrap the failed red light traffic camera

6.   Eliminate all the money spent on 
      consultants for all sorts of policies
      and plans, such a rezone Albany.

7.   Inventory all the land in the city
      occupied by not for profits. Consider
      taxing those, whose activities, are
      detrimental achieving City fiscal

These are just a few of the options  to
restore fiscal solvency for the City of
Albany that should be explored in the
2017 elections for Mayor Common
Council President, Treasurer, Auditor
and the 15 Common Council Ward

Oh, remember this song as you 
endeavor to restore the City of Albany
to fiscal solvency....

                                         Joe Sullivan

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