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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


ICE has expanded the secure
communities program to all
of New York State and

End sanctuary status for
illegal aliens in the City
and County of Albany!
The Albany Common Council
must repeal the Sanctuary City
resolution it passed 7-22-09
and urge the APD to actively
participate in the secure
communities program.
The Albany County Legislature
should pass a resolution declaring
that the county is not a sanctuary
for illegal aliens, supporting the
secure communities program
and urging the Sheriff's Department
to actively participate in that
How many illegals are
in Albany City and County?
What are their origins?
How many illegal aliens
are receiving social services
educational and medical benefits
in Albany City and County?
How many are employed?
As contractor labor hired by NYS?
How many pay taxes as opposed
to working off the books?
How many wire, how much
money back to their countries
of origin each week? (Take note
of supermarkets and other
locations, where this is done)
How many are gangbangers
drug dealers and other anti-social
How many are terrorists?
How many come before local
courts and are incarerated in
the county jail?
How many are driving without
licenses and uninsured?
What are the costs resulting
from illegals dwelling among
The Albany Common Council
Albany City School District
Town governments and school
districts, local colleges and
universities, Albany County
and New York State should
provide answers to these
questions and more.
Time to require voter photo
ID's in Albany City and County
to make sure illegals are not
voting in the 2012 elections
and that college students
and other transients are
not voting multiple times
in multiple places, here and
                              Joe Sullivan

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