Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Colorado is a grand state.

My grandfather Michael J his
brother Black Jim and many
other  Beara ancestors went West 
to The Cripple Creek District and
other Colorado mining camps to 
mine gold and silver.


Colorado, Montana, South Dakota
Nebraska, Oregon, New Mexico
and California voters will have
their say in the Presidential primaries
yet to come.

No one man, or woman, is going
to save us and our Constitutional

It falls to the candidates and each
of us to, together, achieve these goals.

They and we will fail if we act
without a clear constitutional

Stop the whining and abusive
behavior. Get and act smart!

We the voters deserve to see
and hear the remaining candidates
debate and articulate their
positions on the issues vital to
our (and their) survival.

The Democratic candidates
will debate in Brooklyn 4
days before the New York
April 19 primary.

Trump, Cruz and Kasick
will not win without debating
the issues.

Two of the best recent programs
that address the Cruz win of
Colorado delegates as well as
explaining what is at stake in
the 2016 primaries and General
Election are liked below.

Uninformed candidates followed
by uninformed lemming supporters
are leading us all to the cliff and

Listen, read and ponder.

Listen to podcast April 11, 2016 

Read  April 12, 2016

                                                    Joe Sullivan

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