Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The 2017 Albany City
elections will determine
if Albany becomes Detroit
on The Hudson.

Four years of the Sheehan
administration have resulted
in  fiscal insolvency for the
City of Albany.

Governor Cuomo included
a 12.5 million dollar bailout
to close the 12.5 million dollar
hole in the 2017 City budget.

Mayor Sheehan showed her
gratitude by immediately
demanding a similar state
bailout next year.

She knows the Governor faces
a tough primary in 2018 and
may provide a similar bailout

But what happens thereafter
whether or not the Governor
wins another 4 year term? 

Recall the message in this song.
Don't spit into the wind. Don't
tug on Superman's cape.

Regardless, insolvency still
looms over the City because
of Mayor Sheehan and the
Common Council policy
declaring Albany to be a
Sanctuary City,

As a result the City of Albany
stands to lose millions of dollars
in federal aid annually.

Add to this the failed moves of
the Mayor and Common
Council  including (1) 2 million
dollars wasted on red light
traffic camera installations
(2)  enactment of a trash tax
(3) failure to sell the Palace
Theater to a private sector
buyer and (4) promoting
Rezone Albany which will
destroy neighborhood
residential integrity, quality
of life, home values and the
city property tax base in
currently zoned R-1B single
family zoned districts which
pay the lion's share of property
taxes that support City schools
and City services. 

What can Albany City voters

1. Insist that the Common
Council table the Rezone
Albany Ordinance No. 26.31.17           
and map until 2018.

See related posts detailing
why and how:

2. Oppose Sanctuary City policy

3. Support consolidation of
City schools with City 
government, one property
tax roll to support both
making the Mayor and
Common Council responsible
and accountable for operation
and performance of City schools
and returning to a K-8
neighborhood school system
which is best for kids, parents
and neighborhoods.

City schools account for 2/3
of  property taxes, and have
a 50 percent drop our rate.

Tabling Rezone Albany
opposing Sanctuary City
Policy and
Consolidation of City Schools
with City government are three
steps that can restore the City
of Albany to fiscal solvency.

Voters should understand this
and not sign petitions or vote
for candidates for Mayor
Common Council President
Treasurer, Auditor and Common
Council for each of the 15 City
Wards who do not support the
above positions.

                            Joe Sullivan


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