Friday, January 20, 2017

CITY ..........OR NOT? 
With updates: 1/27 and 1/29.

Last night WGY Radio  810 NEWS
had a report that  announced Albany
Mayoral candidate . Carolyn McLaughlin
currently Albany Common Council
President, advocates/supports Albany
being a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Is this a wise move for a financially

insolvent city government and city

school district which depend on

federal grants to stay afloat?

Property tax payers pay attention! 

Update: 1/27/17

Frank Commisso jr interview with
Paul Vandenburgh on Talk 1300 radio
unannounced candidate for Albany
Mayor?  No position on  sanctuary
city. Listen:

Incumbent Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan
a big advocate/supporter of sanctuary city
status for Albany.

Will the Albany Common Council adopt
a local law declaring Albany a sanctuary

Will the Albany County Legislature oppose
sanctuary status for Albany City/County?

What will Cohoes, Watervliet and the Towns
and villages of Albany County do?

Sanctuary city/town/county? Is a defining issue
in the 2017 local elections. 

Update Sunday, January 29:

Sheehan and McLaughlin support Albany being
a sanctuary city. Commisso is not sure Albany
is a sanctuary city.

All three appear to believe that winning the
Democratic Primary translates to winning the
November 2017 General Election.

Will a Democratic candidate emerge who
opposes Albany being a sanctuary city, who
supports enforcing existing U S Immigration
Law and the rule of Law, who opposes the
trash tax, who recognizes that oil and natural
gas resource development will create needed
jobs and spur economic development in
Albany and, that together with consolidation
of city schools with city government, with one
property tax roll to support both, will allow the
City of Albany to provide real property
tax relief and achieve a balanced city budget
that does not rely on annual handouts from
New York State?

Highly unlikely!

Will such a candidate emerge in the November 
2017 General Election thereby
giving  Albany voters a real choice to prevent
Albany from becoming Detroit on the Hudson?


  PS:  Here is what a Sheriff in Massachusetts thinks:  

Albany citizen voters what do you think? 

What about President Trumps Immigration Executive


The RULE of LAW and SECURITY MATTER                                                        
                                                                    Joe Sullivan

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