Saturday, October 15, 2016


The Donald trashed his teleprompters
claiming they don't work:

Teleprompters work and so does
The Donald when he makes use of

When The Donald uses teleprompters
he is GREAT... ON MESSAGE about his
positions on issues that make the
case why voters should vote for him
November 8 and NEVER Hillary.

When The Donald goes off teleprompters
he is a sucker, allowing Hillary and her
media allies to play him like a fiddle
focusing on trash talk which he responds 
to, rather than focusing on convincing 
voters why a vote for him is the SMART
CHOICE  for the voters to make November 8. 

Wouldn't this be the October surprise
America is longing for?


Our Republic and our lives are on the
line November 8.

STUPID will lose, and so will  our 
Republic, and all Americans.

                                Joe Sullivan

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