Thursday, September 8, 2016


was held last night aboard the U S S Intrepid, NYC.

The retired naval officer torpedoed Hillary on the
issue of her violating national security through use
of multiple, not secure, internet servers to send
classified information, and perhaps, use her office
as Secretary of State to solicit contributions from
foreign powers to the Clinton Foundation.  

We may never know the full extent of these abuses
unless certain destroyed e mails surface as an
October surprise.

Regardless, Hillary is not worthy of being Commander
In Chief of the U S military because of these e mail
scandals, because of her record as Secretary of State
destabilizing the Middle East, creating the current
refugee crisis and rise of ISIS which threaten the
security of Europe, the United States and Canada
and her policy agenda which will further weaken the
U S military.

The Donald muddled through his appearance
badgered by a hostile forum moderator.

Very, very distressing to observe this performance.

The Donald has to buckle down and do his homework
if he is to prevail in the forthcoming September 26
first debate between him and Hillary.

Do it, Donald ! There is no excuse for not being

A low information candidate and a low information
electorate, coupled with untold millions of illegal
aliens voting November 8 will result in "game over"
for you, your family, your business and fortune and
the sinking of  the good ship America. All hands will
go own with the ship.

Beware of an electoral crisis which will afford
the current lame duck President to seize power
and remain in office!

                                               Joe Sullivan


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