Sunday, July 31, 2016


 And so it does.

A steady rain last night and today
has brought relief from a hot dry
period since mid June.

The refreshing rain has washed
away the  memories of the
2016 Presidential primaries and
party conventions.

The Dog days of August are upon
us. Time to savor the passing summer

September and October will soon
be here.

By now, thinking people have made
up their minds regarding how they will
vote in November.

We know the future of America, our
Constitutional Republic, our way of
life, the lives of our loved ones, and
our own lives are on the line November 8.

The Democratic Party has been taken
over by the self proclaimed "progressives"
who are actually a more immediate threat to
our survival and our Liberty than the sand
vipers who have launched the last Crusade
on the Western World.

This is not the Democratic Party of Harry
Truman, John F Kennedy , Al Smith, Honey
Fitz, Mayor Daley, Big Tim Sullivan, Dan
O  Connell  as well as Thomas Jefferson and
Andrew Jackson before them.

Those old time Democrats who still live
and those who still vote from the grave
will determine the outcome of the 2016
elections for President, Vice President,
US Senate and House of Representatives
which , in turn will determine the fate
of America and all Americans. 

A traditional party line vote, November
8, is the equivalent of committing Hari Kari .

So, turn off the Telly, cancel the TU enjoy
the waning days of summer. Reflect on the
America you once knew and loved.

Do your part to help save and restore America
November 8. Polls will be open in New York
6 AM - 9 PM. You can also vote absentee.

Those of the Greatest Generation who are still
this side eternity, and their progeny of post WWII
who grew up in  the 1950's, early 60's, hold the
fate of America, and their own fates, in their

Vote November 8, as if your lives  depend on it
...because they do.

                                                  Joe Sullivan

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