Thursday, January 21, 2016

DECIDE  APRIL 19, 2016 

The Albany City School Board
should put two questions on the
April 19, 2016 Presidential
Primary ballot.

1.Shall the 167.1 million revised
   Albany high school renovation/
   construction plan be  approved?

    Yes ___     No___

2. Shall the contract of  Albany
    School Superintendent Vanden
    Wyngaard be renewed?

     Yes ___     No ___

Why April 19 ?

1. April 19, is Presidential Primary
    Day in New York.

2. All city polling places will be open

3. The Albany County Board of Elections
     (not the Albany City School Board)
     will conduct the election, including
     counting the ballots and coordinating
      absentee voting .

4. April 19 is Spring, the weather will
    be better.

5. City property reassessment notices
    go out March 1. Homeowners and
    apartment renters need to know
    how  much their property taxes and
    rents will increase before being asked
    to vote on the high school spending

6.  Superintendent Vanden Wyngaard
     can present her case why her contract
     should be renewed directly to city

These factors will result in a maximum
 informed participation by all 
 eligible city voters on April 19.

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                                         Joe Sullivan

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