Tuesday, May 12, 2015



Richard Stack, Chairman.

Dear friend and enrolled Conservative:

Twenty years ago I chose to enroll in the Conservative Party

because it stood for principles and values which are the 
cornerstone of American History.

Lately, candidates and leaders of the other major political parties

 have seemingly ignored that the Conservative Party stands for 
hard fought ideals and principles which we truly believe in,
and our real connections to voters who share these beliefs.

Let me give you an example. Last year our Conservative Party 

Judicial Convention was hijacked to support a Republican candidate
for the state Supreme Court. Although we had interviewed candidates
for this office months earlier, the GOP candidate came forward at the
last minute.

I quickly reviewed her credentials and among other shortcomings, it
appeared that she hadn’t even attended a law school with a traditional

Suddenly, Republican county chairmen filed into our convention, and 
former Assemblyman John Faso, not a Conservative and not a
delegate, seated himself in the front row and interrupted from the
floor seven times to control the convention.

The Republican candidate then shifted to Albany County’s liberal wing 

of the Democratic Party to run her campaign and attract the 
disgruntled far left and the Working Families Party activists. This 
candidate did not reflect the core beliefs of our Party.

This fight to remain true to Conservative values is not just a local 

Albany County challenge.

 New York State Conservative voters are continually undercut by the
state party leadership out of Brooklyn, with Al D’Amato having more 
lucrative alliances with Democrats than real conservatives and having 
the final say on who our state party supports for key elected positions.

Remember Republicans for Cuomo? Did you wonder why the State 
Conservative Party was so silent during our last gubernatorial race?
Perhaps it is because Mike Long, the State Conservative Party 
Chairman, is a long time personal friend of the Cuomo family and Al

The Conservative Party is different for a reason. Voters come to

the polls and vote for our candidates by numbers which exceed our
enrollment by 200 percent.

This is because as the Albany County Conservative Party chairman
I fight for candidates who support our core values. We support them 
in Primary contests where the opponents only want to appear to be
conservative to get extra votes in the general election and then join
liberal Democrats in voting for the higher taxes, bigger government
and more regulations that are crippling New York State.

The local elections this year in Albany County are very important.

County Executive Dan McCoy has used every effort to keep our
taxes low in the face of expanding government costs at every level.

Sheriff Craig Apple has worked to keep our communities safe not

just fighting crimes, but also protecting us in the face of ongoing 
natural disasters that threaten so many homeowners and residents.
He works to train many first responders and to educate and inform 
Albany County residents about pending storms and ongoing 
dangerous conditions.

All of this hard work by our Sheriff and County Executive has been 

superbly performed over the past four years while keeping the 
budgets and expenditures at the lowest possible levels.

The Albany County Conservative Party supports family values

good government and strong conservative leadership.

On Thursday May 14, 2015, between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 P.M.

we will be holding our annual Spring Reception. This is our only fund 
raiser of the year, and it will allow our members to meet their 
respective leaders. I have enclosed our invitation and event

In closing, I would like to thank you and all of our members for your

past and continuing support of our organization.

God Bless you and God Bless America.


Richard Stack

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